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Bulb tree

Bulb tree
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30 € This item is discontinued

This tree may not bear fruit, but it does illuminate a room with colored lights and reacts to sound. The 5 LEDs switch from on to off depending on the music, sounds and discussions in the room.

A button lets you adjust the sound sensitivity of the tree and there is also an "automatic" mode where the lights put on a show without being affected by the sounds around them.

Plexiglas Bulbs
Articulated Metal Rods
5 colored LEDs
Height : 30 cm
Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)


4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03 4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03
3 €

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  3/5 , 13/12/2012
Plus petit que ce que je pensais, les lumières ne font vraiment l'effet musique qu'avec des musiques piano, mais reste original !
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