Horloge magnétique

Magnetic Clock

Magnetic Clock
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37 € This item is discontinued

If your a fan of our site, your already familiar with the invisible clock - it consists of just needles but no clock face. Well, now we've got the inverse - a clock with a face but no needles!!!

The principle is as innovative and simple to explain. There is a magnet that slowly moves around the clock's backside while a metal ball on the clock face moves along with it. The magnets together and tell time perfectly!

Note that with this single ball the time displayed is approximate - within 10 minutes. If you need more precision than that - chill out, your too stressed!

Diameter : 24 min
Can be hung or placed on it's support
Requires 1 AA battery (not included)


4 Kodak batteries : AA / LR6 4 Kodak batteries : AA / LR6
3 €

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  4/5 , 09/12/2012
J'ai pu remplacer la boule rouge par un autre aimant pour changer le look de l'horloge.
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