Le Sack (vase)

Le Sack (vase)

Le Sack (vase)
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11 € This item is discontinued

Have you ever dreamt of a vase that you could model yourself and change everytime you put new flowers inside? Well it's finally here...introducing The Sack!

It's made from a special plastic, that allows you to mold it in hot water, then you just add cold water to set the plastic in any form you choose!


1. Fill The Sack with hot water. Wait a minute and the plastic should be soft.

2. Mold your sack using your imagination, any form is possible! Be inventive!

3. Run cold water inside your new creation to set the shape.

Place flowers inside, and enjoy your own custom made vase! Easy huh?


Flip Vase Flip Vase
21 €
Magnetic vases Magnetic vases
40 €

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Our customers' reviews

Average rating : 4.45/5 (11 reviews)
  5/5 , 17/12/2015
  3/5 , 26/12/2014
  5/5 , 05/12/2014
Conforme aux photos. C'est pour un cadeau donc je ne peux juger son utilisation
  4/5 , 02/12/2014
original! mais c'"est pas évident de garder le dessous "plat" :)
  5/5 , 23/02/2014
  5/5 , 24/12/2013
très original et ne prend pas de place dans l'armoire!
  5/5 , 07/12/2013
  3/5 , 29/11/2013
original mais pour offrir donc pas tester
  4/5 , 18/01/2013
  5/5 , 31/12/2012
Très original! Parfait comme idée cadeau.
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