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Huge Beer Lollypop

Huge Beer Lollypop
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6 € 4.50 This item is discontinued

Lollypop with beer flavor
Candy dimensions : 11 x 7 cm
Net weight: 80 g
Alcohol free

The "Best Before" date is August 2019. For this reason, the candies are on sale. But it is not an "expiration date", so you can eat them without a risk and with the same pleasure!

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Average rating : 4.33/5 (3 reviews)
  5/5 , 01/06/2018
  5/5 , 17/12/2017
non testée, mais sans importance. L'apparence y est.
  3/5 , 17/12/2017
Plus encombrante que je ne pensais, mais l'idée est drôle
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