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Candy Grabber game

Candy Grabber game
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We have all played this addictive game at one time or another. The goal is to retrieve a toy with a clamp that does not close properly and to be honest it's almost impossible to grab anything. Before we know it, our wallets are lighter and we're no closer to winning a prize.

This machine can be filled with candy, trinkets or anything amusing. The three levers move the hand in all directions, and the principle is the same try and grab a prize.

To start the game simply put a coin into the slot. The music starts and you have 60 seconds to grab what you can.

Dimensions : 36 x 27 x 20 cm
Parts included
Requires type 3 D batteries (not included)

Candies for everybody:

Cola Willies Cola Willies
6 €

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