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Voodoo Toothpick holder

Voodoo Toothpick holder
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14.50 This item is discontinued

The principle of the Voodoo doll is known to all followers of witchcraft. It is about creating a miniature representation of your enemy, and then sticking needles into the body to bring all sorts of evils and harm to your enemy.

Our little man here is not the enemy of anyone, but probably a fakir at heart, or perhaps a fanatical follower of acupuncture - in any case he's a bit masochistic. He is sweet though as he offers to serve you and your guests toothpicks and keep you amused.

Plastic toothpick dispenser
Design by Fred & Friends
Dimensions : 15 x 8 cm

Party Picks:

Sardines Party picks Sardines Party picks
12 €

Toothpick holders:

Cat Toothpick holder Cat Toothpick holder
12.50 €
Toothpick holder "Weight lifting" Toothpick holder "Weight lifting"
7 €

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