Verre à vin à emporter "Vino2go"

Wine glass "Vino2go"

Wine glass Vino2go
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12.50 This item is discontinued

It's well known that wine is good for your health! At least a glass a day that why not make sure you have your daily dose : on a picnic or a stroll, in the office or in your car (Oops, scratch that : NOT in the car!)

The only problem with a glass of wine is that it's so delicate : breaks or topples easily.

Not to worry, our genius inventor friends, who care so much about our health created the first portable wine glass!

The glass is made from acrylic and so it's more resistant, plus it has a double wall for thermal insulation and above all - a LID!!! No worries about spillage disasters.

The lid even has a small opening making it easy to drink from, but it works just as well without it.

Plastic food-safe glass
Capacity : 25 cl
Cover (translucent) with close-able opening
Double insulating wall

Illusion Glasses:

Skull glass Skull glass
7.50 €

Wine glasses:

Half Wine Glass Half Wine Glass
13 €

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  5/5 , 29/12/2015
  5/5 , 16/01/2015
J'ai trouvé ça bien mais aucun commentaire pour le moment puisque c'était un cadeau.
  5/5 , 28/11/2014
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