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Underwear napkins

Underwear napkins
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7.50 € 5 € This item is discontinued

A nice change from boring white napkins or those with ridiculous prints. Plus, a little humor before your meal is said to make you hungry!

So it goes without saying, these are to be avoided when you invite your boss or in-laws over for the firt time!

Note : putting the napkin around your neck leads to a more humorous effect.

Set of 24 napkins
Assortment of 3 designs.

[Ref. 9317] [$, £, CHF...]

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  5/5 , 11/09/2017
  4/5 , 04/01/2016
Fonctionnel et ça crée tout de suite une bonne ambiance au moment de passer à table. Surtout si on y ajoute un petit dispositif (pince) pour accrocher à la ceinture. Coincés s'abstenir...
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