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Larva Lemon Lolly Pop

Larva Lemon Lolly Pop
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French cuisine has some interesting food choices, some may seem a bit bizarre and disgusting such as : snails, frogs, tongues...But strangely, the one thing 80% of people on the planet consume is not a part of the average French diet : Insects!

Moreover, their meat has plenty of advantages : abundant, easy to produce, rich in protein, low environmental impact and it's safer because there is less risk of spreading disease! With the same amount of energy, food and water we can produce up to 20 times more insects than meat, something to think about!!!

Ready to try and make the world a better place? Let's start off small, with a little cricket or some larvae in a sweet lollipop, shouldn't be too difficult to try right?

Lollipop Lemon Flavored
Desert edible product in France (Brittany)
Ingrédients : sugar, dehydrated flour larvae, glucose, flavor, color
Net weight : about 20 g
Diameter : 5 cm

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  4/5 , 28/10/2014
conforme à la description, mais sensible à la chaleur et date de péremption à surveiller. Effet garanti
  4/5 , 17/05/2014
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