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"Shake 'n' make" Ice Cream Maker

Shake 'n' make Ice Cream Maker
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With summer right around the corner, cravings for ice-cream are not far away. Instead of hitting the frozen food section of supermarkts why not make the ice-cream yourself? It's much easier than people think, there's no need for complicated machines and it tastes great!:

So get this easy little ice-cream maker and follow these easy steps :

1. Add ice cubes and a little salt
2. Add 45 ml of milk, 45 ml of cream and the flavor of your choice
3. Stir for 3-4 minutes

Hand-operated ice-cream maker
Dimensions : 16 x 12 x 12 cm
Plastic, aluminum, & silicone
No batteries (just elbow grease)
Instruction and recipes included in French

Ice creams:

Banana Ice moulds Banana Ice moulds
11 €  5.50 €
Samurai Ice molds Samurai Ice molds
17 €  8.50 €

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