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Brainstring® is today's most fascinating 3D puzzle. Based on a unique concept, Brainstring® calls for a new way of thinking. Combine intuition with structured thought and experience the fun of unimaginable possibilities.

Unique design and a well-thought-out play element. That's the combination that makes Brainstring a popular but addictive new game for young and old. Partly because of the unending possibilities, many players already call Brainstring a mathematical masterpiece, The development of Brainstring took nearly ten years, in which innovation after innovation resulted in this ingenious product. A transparent cube and the twelve strings inside are the main ingredients for enjoyable and exciting mental gymnastics

By nature, man likes to unravel knots.
Any string inside Brainstring can be moved without creating a knot. It sounds impossible, because it's exactly the movement of a string that creates a knot, after all. Embodied in this contradiction is the mystery and surprising aspect of Brainstring

Dimensions : 9 x 9 x 9 cm

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