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Matterhorn glass

Matterhorn glass
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The Matterhorn (also called Cervin, or Cervino) is a mountain in the Swiss Alps. With it's near-perfect pyramid shape, it's probably one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

This whiskey glass is a tribute to this legendary mountain.

Crystal Glass
Diameter : 8.2 cm
Height : 6.8 cm

A little history...

In 1865, the Matterhorn was one of the last major summits in the Alps to be conquered. Many climbers had to turn back. Two climbers made it their main objective : the Englishman Edward Whymper and the Italian Jean-Antoine Carrel. After a few attempts together, they decided to split up with each trying to climb one side. Ultimately Whymper with six companions reaches the summit first (July 14) but tragedy strikes on his descent and four of his expedition are killed. Carrel and his team make it to the top as well, just 3 days too late!

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