Distributeur de mouchoirs Moaļ

Moai Tissue Dispenser

Moai Tissue Dispenser
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The name may be unfamiliar but their form is well know throughout the globe : The Moai are the famous statues of Easter Island.

If you've always dreamed of seeing these mythical statues but the expense of a flight to Chile and then to Easter Island (about 3700 km from the coast) is not within you budget, try this cool tissue dispenser option.

Help this guy unclog by pulling tissue from his nostrils and we guarantee that your nostrils will start to feel better.

Tissue dispenser
Durable polyresin (stone imitation)
Dimensions : 31 x 18 x 14 cm
Fits all standard tissue boxes

Historic facts...

These monolithic statues have been a mystery to historians for ages. They would have been cut between the 13th and 16th centuries by the Haumaka civilization. Their dimensions are impressive, sometimes reaching up to 9 meters high and weighing 80 tons! There are about 900 statues on Easter Island. They are mainly located on the coast with their particularity being that they all turn their backs to the sea - with one exception.

The transportation of the statues from the stone quarries from where they were cut to their final destination had long baffled historians. It seems that wooden logs were used to drag the statues to their resting places. Some historians believe that the construction Frenzy of the Moai combined with their mode of transport (tree trunks, which accelerated deforestation of the island) was the cause of the Easter Island civilization falling into ruin.

Easter Island:

Moai Soap Dispenser Moai Soap Dispenser
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