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Cable Macaron

Cable Macaron
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6 € This item is discontinued

This little storage device is perfect for headphones or any small electronic devices.

It's simple form and simplicity makes this a handy gadget for anyone. Not having to worry about lose cords is always helpful in any situation!

It's easy to use : just flip the top and bottom parts out and roll your cord up into the interior. When your finished just flip the top and bottom back down closing it's shell, keeping your cords safe and tangle free!

Features :
Diameter : 4.5 cm
Color : Blue
Material : Polyurethane
Can store up to 70 cm of a thin cable

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Average rating : 4/5 (2 reviews)
  3/5 , 26/12/2013
un peu cher
  5/5 , 10/12/2013
Très bon format très pratique !
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