Tabouret de bar "Tourbillon"

Bar stool "Storm"

Bar stool Storm
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The 'Storm' bar stools are made from wrought iron, and hand crafted in France. The seats of the stools are hand painted wood, so each stool is unique and available in different heights and colors.

Not sure what size Bar Stool to get?
It depends on a bunch of factors. Most important of course the size of your bar, but also don't forget your own height. Generally speaking, it's best to keep a 30 - 35 cm difference between the bar stool and the bar, but it really depends at which height you feel comfortable.

The classic bar stool height is about 78 cm, with the bar being at around 110 cm:

Bar Stool Sizes available:
- 45 cm
- 65 cm
- 78 cm
- 85 cm
Note: The height mentioned above is the height of the seat of the stool, NOT the total height of the stool.

Transport and delay of delivery:
These bar stools are hand-made by the artist, and for that reason there could be delays with the shipment.
If you choose one of the 3 colors in stock, your shipment will be sent immediately, delivery can be expected in 2 to 5 business days.
For the other colors, it will take 10 to 15 days to create the stools, it depends on how long the varnish takes to dry, pluse the 2 to 5 business days to transport.
In any case, the bar stool will arrive separately from your order (if you order other items on the site).
Note: Delivery is insured for the bar stools

3 Colors in Stock:
- Red
- Orange
- Yellow

5 other possible Colors (takes an extra 10 to 15 days to make):
- Blue
- Green
- Violet
- Brown
- Black

Important :
During checkout, on the Order Form, please fill in the last field 'Request for the person who will prepare your order' with the height and color you want for your barstool. This will help the artist to prepare your order without difficulty.

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