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Dribble Ball

Dribble Ball
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22 € This item is discontinued

An interesting game that looks pretty cool and is challenging to play!

The object of the game is to pass a marble from one end to the other (if possible) using a pair of rotating rollers with metal studs. To start, place the marble at the far end on the studs between the two rollers. Players attempt to move the marble towards them, passing it between the studs by carefully turning the rollers. The further the marble travels before it drops the higher the score!!!

Features :
- Four scoring zones
- Includes large marble
- Attractive retro packaging
- Dimensions : 30 x 10 x 7.5 cm

[Ref. 9156] [$, £, CHF...]

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Our customers' reviews

Average rating : 4/5 (6 reviews)
  4/5 , 11/01/2015
J'aime beaucoup le jouets en bois. Celui-ci est excellent et de bonne facture qui plus est. Cependant, vu que j'envoie ce jeu à des enfants à l'étranger, j'aurais aimé qu'il y aie une petite notice à l'intérieur, pas grand chose, deux trois croquis m'auraient plu.
  4/5 , 04/12/2014
Super objet
  3/5 , 24/12/2013
  4/5 , 24/12/2013
bille très lourde...
  4/5 , 20/12/2013
  5/5 , 11/12/2013
bille un peu lourde mais ou serait le plaisir sans dificulté
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