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Japonese Kite

Japonese Kite
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The Japanese have a tradition of kite fighting called "Rokkaku Dako". The kites are made of rice paper with a bamboo frame and are decorated with motifs of warriors or various creatures. They are controlled by a single thread and stable.

The principle of kite fighting is simple : all the competitors fly at the same time, the last one flying is the winner. Eliminating opponents is key - you have to maneuver your kite in a way to cut the thread of your opponents kite. In India there is special thread for kite fighting that contain bits of glass to cut thread (and your fingers - ouch).

This miniature model uses the traditional Rokkaku Dako principle and has the same ease of use. The rice paper is replaced with a tear-resistant paper to increase the life of the kite!

Kite Tyvek (tear-resistant paper)
Bamboo frame made in Japan
Unfolded dimensions : 39 x 26 cm

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