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The Artists Top

The Artists Top
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16 € This item is discontinued

Kinetic energy leaves traces and the secret designs of the unconventional drawing top have long since intrigued man.

This top will reel, stagger, roll, whirl and waver along, leaving beautiful spiral images.

Put a pencil through the solid aluminium disc’s center and set the writing tip facing down. Now give the wheel a firm turn between both your hands, and the top – with some manual practice – will draw its tracks on the horizontal plane of paper.

The Artists Top is a master of curls and whirls.

Dimensions :
- Case :13 x 13 x 2 cm
- Aluminium Disk : 6.9 cm


Flip Top Flip Top
9.50 €
Infinity Spinning Top Infinity Spinning Top
8 €
Exclamation Spin Top Exclamation Spin Top
12 €

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