Kaléidoscope lumineux

Lighting Kaleidoscope

Lighting Kaleidoscope
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12 € This item is discontinued

Everyone has at one point or another placed their eye on one of these magical tubes better known as kaleidoscopes - and in the end who hasn't been mystified? It's not necessary to have complicated games to amuse and surprise children.

But this kaleidoscope has a little plus : it's equipped with a small light source that allows perfect viewing night or day!

How does it work :

A kaleidoscope is a tube that contains lots of small colored and shiny objects (pearls, pieces of glass...) as well as mirrors. External light comes into the tube and pass over the colored objects which in turn reflect over the mirrors. The eye is situated at the other end of the tube and can see a multitude of geometric forms that are created when moved.

Functions with a cell battery (included)
Dimensions : 16 x 13 x 3.5 cm

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  5/5 , 12/12/2012
  3/5 , 08/12/2012
ça fait quand meme pas très grand mais les ''images'' sont belles
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