Frisbee Ampli

Frisbee Amplifier

Frisbee Amplifier
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22 € This item is discontinued

This is an essential accessory for picnics and beach days. When it's laying flat - use it as a frisbee but it's got a hidden plus - it's an amplifier as well. When you get tired of throwing around the frisbee - simply unfold it and it becomes an amplifier.

Simply place the phone inside to launch the music speakerphone mode and the volume will be amplified. It works incredibly well and the best part - no batteries!

Oh and if you think this is a high-tech gadget, think again : the basic principle behind this amp is the trumpet and that's been around for centuries!

For the desperate and confused you can also use it as a bowl.

Plastic Frisbee
Diameter : 22.5 cm

[Ref. 9090] [$, £, CHF...]

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