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Scrolling LED Belt Buckle

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle
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32 € This item is discontinued

Make an impression or send out a custom message with this brightly illuminated LED Belt Buckle.

If ordinary badges are too boring for the image you want to convey, or you want to let people know your name in a cool and original way, you can program your name or any message you like into this clever light-up belt buckle.

It’s also a fun way to display a bold or possibly naughty message/slogan when out enjoying yourself at a party, club or event like a stag night.

This LED Belt Buckle can store up to six messages with the first message containing up to 512 characters and the rest up to 256 characters.

Features :
- Requires 2 x CR2032 batteries (included)
- Dimensions : 14 x 5 cm
- Speed and Brightness are adjustable
- Programmable LED Belt Buckle
- Attaches to virtually any standard belt

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