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Cube Alarm

Cube Alarm
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This alarm clock is made up of 4 cubes of 5 cm. Each cube displays 1 number with LEDs. Contrary to traditional watches, this set of cubes is interactive and allows its user to set the numbers in multiple configurations.

Sounds a bit complicated but imagine : Setting up your alarm clock in any position you desire then programming each individual cube to display the number that corresponds to the hour/minutes you want it to be - there's nothing like that out there. Totally cool and original!

Features :
Dimensions : 21 x 5 x 3.5 cm
Red LEDs
The 4 cubes are controlled by one remote

Functions :
Hour (12 hours am/pm)
Alarm with Snooze
LED Display - adjustable luminosity - 2 positions


4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03 4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03
2.95 €

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