Lampe flexible Watt

Flex Lamp Watt

Flex Lamp Watt
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27.50 € 24 € This item is discontinued

One of the problems with having lights around the house is hiding the cords, they're such eye sores and are always getting tangled together with other cords. Not to worry, here at Le Dindon we've discovered something that will have you loving cords in a way you never thought possible.

This light is a designers dream!!! It's flexible cord can be shaped into just about any design you can imagine! Forget about hiding your boring limp cords - this one is made to be seen and admired. Add a little art to your deco while lighting up your living space!

The best part? It's not permanent, so you can change things up whenever you feel like it. Fun times are definitely ahead!

Features :
Length : 50 cm
Color : Black
Light Bulb (E14) not included
Flexible Cord that connects directly to socket
Design by Henk Stallinga

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Our customers' reviews

Average rating : 4.25/5 (4 reviews)
  4/5 , 12/12/2018
  4/5 , 10/12/2016
Bonne idée, mais attention, objet présenté par deux avec ampoule, et même si on sait qu'on n'en recevra qu'un, il faut ensuite aller acheter l'ampoule.
  4/5 , 06/12/2013
  5/5 , 26/11/2013
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