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Zip-It Bag

Zip-It Bag
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15 € This item is discontinued

Zipity Zip...and voila!!!! A medium sized zipper shoulder bag to put your wallet, papers, presents or whatever into!!! Zipity Zip again and presto!!! The zipper shoulder bag morphs into a long zipper chain that you can roll up and store just about anywhere!!! It's definitely a cool accessory that will have all your friends talking...Check it out, 5 colors to choose from.

Dimensions : 28 x 23 cm

Different versions available: GREEN only
If you have a preference, please tell us in the order form ('Request to the warehouse'). Please note that we cannot guarantee your preference in the case a version is out of stock.

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  4/5 , 17/12/2017
  5/5 , 12/12/2016
  5/5 , 08/08/2015
  5/5 , 05/01/2015
  4/5 , 03/12/2014
  4/5 , 06/11/2014
rigolo et à la mode
  4/5 , 23/11/2013
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