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Bicycle tube Wallet

Bicycle tube Wallet
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45 € This item is discontinued

Made in the same Berlin studio that the Bicycle Tube Bag comes from, this wallet is simple, solid, practical, beautiful and ecological as it's manufactured in Europe from recycled materials!

It stores bills, coins, ID and a multitude of those credit/business cards that always seem to fill our wallets.

The inner fabric is recycled truck tarp (so it's hard-wearing and waterproof).

Inner Contents :

- 1 coin holder
- 3 slots for cards and IDs (center)
- 1 pocket for tickets (back)
- 1 slot in transparent plastic (front) for your license, a photo etc...

Dimensions : 15 x 9 cm
Materials : bicycle tubes, recycled truck tarp and velcro
Rugged and waterproof
Handmade in Germany
Each item is marked with a unique serial number


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