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Tetris Alarm

Tetris Alarm
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45 € This item is discontinued

Talk about original!!! This Tetris Alarm Clock changes time with falling tetris playing pieces (Tetriminios) which combine to form a new time. Beware clock watching will become addictive for anyone familiar with this video game!

The time is set using the black Tetrimino shaped buttons on the front of the clock. In addition to time and alarm settings, there is also 12/24 hour options, snooze and backlight functions. When the alarm goes off, you’ll awake to the distinctive sound of the Tetris theme song. This clock will look awesome on your bedside table with its black frame in gloss finish and large white screen.

Loved globally by people of all ages and all cultures, the Tetris game continues to be one of the most widely recognized video games of all time.

Dimensions : 21 x 15 x 7 cm
Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)


4 Kodak batteries : AA / LR6 4 Kodak batteries : AA / LR6
2.95 €

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