Coquetier Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson Eggcup

Homer Simpson Eggcup
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12 € This item is discontinued

It's true that there are a lot of very classy and stylish egg holders on the market. But frankly when you eat an egg all you really want to do is laugh! And nothing causes a smile to burst into laughter than dipping a crust of your bread into Homer Simpsons head!!!

In addition, this egg holder comes with cookie cutters to cute your toast into bubble shaped quotes from the great philosopher Homer Simpson himself : "Mmmm", "Whoo-hoo" and of course the perennial "Doh"!

Official product of the Simpsons series by Matt Groening

Contains one egg cup and cookie cutters

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  5/5 , 09/02/2015
Super cadeau pour les fans des simpsons
  5/5 , 01/12/2014
pas encore texté mais jolis
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