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Ice shooters

Ice shooters
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13.50 This item is discontinued

Add water to the mold and freeze...
Result: 12 iced shot glasses!

Have an ice-cold shot every time! A great addition to any party, and if you want a hint of flavor, freeze the glasses with fruit juice. Plus since they're made out of ice, you won't have to clean any glasses or pick up garbage afterwards!

These shot glasses will have everyone talking!!!!

Includes a serving tray for easy handling!

Set of 3 moulds (4 glasses each)

Liquor glasses:

Liquor glasses "Normann Copenhagen" Liquor glasses "Normann Copenhagen"
35 €
Skull glass Skull glass
7.50 €

[Ref. 9170] [$, £, CHF...]

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  4/5 , 27/12/2013
Un peu cher mais super simpa!
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