Glašon Stalactite

Stalactite Corkcicle

Stalactite Corkcicle
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35 € This item is discontinued

This ice stalactite looks like it came straight out of the cave to keep your bottles of rosÚ and white wine cool, it could also reduce the temperature of red wine if necessary!!!

It's made from plastic, so it does not dilute your wine and doesn't affect it's taste! Just give it time to cool your beverage down before drinking or to keep things cool when it's hot outside!

It's easy to use:
1. Put the ice stalactite into the freezer.
2. When you open a bottle of wine, pour out the equivalent of a glass to make room for the stalactite.
3. Put in your stalactite through the neck of the bottle. Leave it to cool down the wine or keep it cool.
4. Remove the stalactite when the wine is at the right temperature and pour into glasses to serve. Replace the cap if there is wine to keep cool.
5. Wash the stalactite and put it back into the refrigerator for the the next bottle.

Reusable wine cooler
Length : 30 cm

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